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3rd Party Accounts Receivable - Debt Collection

National Service Bureau provides third-party calling, automated messaging, and total call management services depending on the success of pre-collections, letter services, and the specific needs of your organization. If Pre-Collections and Letter Services fail to reach a satisfactory resolution, the account is placed in full collection and third-party services become the logical next step.  Among our third-party services are the following:

Automated Voice Messaging: 

Our automated voice messaging contacts your consumers with customized recorded messages requesting that they call our office. This is a highly effective way to notify the consumer that a third party service is involved.

Total Call Management Services:

Many businesses find it increasingly difficult and expensive to support an in-house accounts receivable department. Our program provides a seamless interface with your business office to manage consumer accounts from inception through resolution. Customized letters, coordinated with timely phone calls to your consumers, produce maximum effectiveness.  


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