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Medical Collections

National Service Bureau's specially-trained medical division knows how important good patient relations are and we understand that we may be the fourth or fifth party involved by the time a claim gets to our desks. Our clients are labs, clinics, assisted living, medical billing firms, dental practices, medical practices, rehabilitation centers, imaging centers, and other specialties.  NSB works with the top medical labs in the United States as well as smaller clinics and practices --- partnering to help keep your receivables healthy.

The NSB process involves a fully HIPAA-compliant system. NSB technology inside its medical colleciton agency allows for electronic transfer of files and we will work with you on customized reporting when and how you need it.

The utmost professional attitude is needed to work in this unit and successfully collect payments while maintaining good patient relationships. Even former patients refer other patients, so NSB is guided by a policy of “preserving human dignity” when dealing with any medical claims and healthcare collection agency.

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