The NSB Process


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The Asset Receivables Collection Process

ARM Step 1: Identify Delinquent Account, Contact Collections Agency

Step One

The delinquent account is identified for collection. A collection agency is contacted, supporting documentation is sent to the agency, and the account is reviewed.

Step Two

The collection agency makes contact with the consumer via mail, email, and/or fax and then subsequently via telephone. The agency attempts to resolve disputes, arrange for payment, and obtain a commitment from the consumer.


ARM Step 2: Collection Agency Makes Contact With Debtor

Step 3A

(Debtor Cooperates)

The collection agency works with the account in arrears to ensure the payment commitment materializes in full.
ARM Step 3B: Collection Agency Ensures Creditor Gets Paid

Step 3B

(Debtor Fails to Cooperate)

The agency makes pre-legal collection attempts, recommendations to the client, and forwards the account details to affiliated attorneys.
ARM Step 3B: Pre-Legal Collection Attempts

Step 4A

(The Claim is Resolved)

The collections agency makes payment to the client less fees for service.
ARM Step 4A: Delinquent Account is Paid and Claim Resolved

Step 4B

(Debtor Fails to Cooperate)

The attorney works the claim for 60 days, and provides lawsuit requirements as necessary.  
ARM Step 4B: Attorney Works the Claim

Step 5A

(Client Authorizes Legal Action)

Lawsuit is filed and the complaint is served. The attorneys file for default judgment if the consumer fails to answer.
ARM Step 5A: Lawsuit Filed If Creditor Desires

Step 5B

(Client Declines Legal Remedy)

If the client declines, the attorney works the claim for another sixty days and then closes the case.
ARM Step 5B: Creditor Declines Lawsuit And Account Closed

Step 6 

If a judgment is awarded on behalf of the client, the attorneys file a Writ of Attachment, attempt to locate and verify consumer assets, and initiate garnishment orders, bank levies, and/or liens to satisfy the judgment.
ARM Step 6: Judgment Awarded And Efforts to Satisfy Made